We raise Black Angus cattle with heritage genetics. The breed originated in Scotland and was imported to the United States, specifically Victoria, Kansas in 1873. Our bull is from Octoraro Angus Farm and is a pure bred Angus. Our cows have excellent maternal qualities and reliable fertility, able to produce a healthy calf every year.

Our cattle graze on pastures from April to December. We use an intensive, rotational grazing practice which means that our pastures are sub divided into smaller sections and the cattle are moved frequently –usually every few days, truly to greener pastures. This practice invigorates the diverse stand of grasses and legumes and allows for a natural breakdown of the waste to supply nutrients to the soil.

In the winter months when the grass is dormant, we feed a mix of grass hay and supplement with molasses coated corn, oats and barley feed to ensure the cattle are getting a balanced diet and a source of energy to protect them from the harsh temperatures. The feed is given sparingly (< 1 lb. per head per day) and only used as a supplement to the hay diet. The cattle are supplied with high magnesium mineral year round. The cows and calves are vaccinated annually to control various bovine diseases and the herd is not exposed to other cattle outside the herd.

The nutritional value of pasture raised beef to humans is higher than beef raised in conventional, commercial feed lots. Pasture raised beef is very lean, with fewer fat and calories.

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