Preparing healthy and delicious meals is a family tradition. We expanded our interest in cooking first by growing herbs and vegetables then by starting an Angus cattle-calf operation in 2006 and finishing beef directly to our customers in 2007.  We started raising laying hens in 2013, and then ducks and turkeys in 2014.

We did not have any practical experience when we started.  Our education and careers are in International Business and Finance and Geology and Environmental Consulting.  Not exactly the most relevant or useful experiences when it comes to ear tagging a calf or spearing hay bales in the dark during the winter months.  What we do have is a passion for what we are doing.  We continually strive to create a pristine, ecologically balanced, humane and sustainable environment to raise our animals.  We also focus on heritage genetics selected for longevity, hardiness, mothering instincts, docility and healthy, strong growth on a pasture diet.  We embrace the best practices for ensuring our meat and egg products are of the highest quality for taste and nutrition.